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Lumo visual is a creative studio dedicated to delivering the finest imagery of architectural projects and furniture design industry. We’re focused on taking 3D renders to new heights by delivering game changing visuals underpinned by knowledge of architecture and photography.


Peter Janov, the founder of Lumo visual, has built a reputation in the high-end visualization sector. More than 100 completed projects worldwide for over 10 years of experience as a 3D artist makes him a cornerstone of Lumo visual.

As visualization specialists we focus on the fine details that allow you to introduce your ideas to the world in a truly powerful way. Our expertise not only in  3d visualizations and rendering but also in architecture, photography and animations allows us to take your plans, drawings and specifications and create imagery that captures everything about your design. And since our architectural background ensures we understand the subtleties of the process, we ensure that nothing is lost when you want to capture the core ideas of your design.


Interior Visualization

Still images for showing interior design to your client

Product Visualization

Product renderings of your existing or future product design

3D Animation

High quality animation showing your design in motion

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